Appleby Horse Fair approaches and drivers urged to be cautious

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Appleby Horse Fair approaches and drivers urged to be cautious

Motorists need to take care on the roads around Cumbria early next month as the Appleby Horse Fair comes to town.

The Westmorland Gazette told equine insurance policyholders that the week-long event begins on Thursday June 2nd and it will bring around 40,000 visitors to the area.

Many of these will be riding horses, driving caravans or using horse-drawn trailers.

Assistant chief constable Jerry Graham, said that it was important that every driver, rider and pedestrian was extra vigilant.

"With the potential for thousands more vehicles on the network and as slow horse-drawn vehicles use fast local A and B classified roads, it is important that drivers have an increased awareness and lower their speed because they may well encounter a horse drawn vehicle around the next corner," he added.

The fair has been held since the 1750s and takes place for one week each year attended by Romany and Irish families who meet up to celebrate music, folklore and conduct business.

May 26th 2011

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