Ball-rolling adventure sport leaves horses 'absolutely terrified'

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Ball-rolling adventure sport leaves horses 'absolutely terrified'

Equine insurance policyholders have been told that an adventure sport firm in Flintshire could be banned from running their events, as it is leaving horses in the area "absolutely terrified".

'Sphering', in which people run down hillsides in giant inflatable balls, is offered by Have You Got The Balls Limited at Bryn Coch Farm in Whitford.

The company has submitted retrospective planning permission for the events to the local council.

However, there is a nearby bridleway and animals may be frightened by the sight of the oversized balls rolling towards them.

The British Horse Society said: "Bearing in mind that horses are prey animals whose only defence is flight and who have all-round vision and extremely acute hearing, it is believed they would be absolutely terrified by this activity taking place anywhere in that field."

Earlier this week, World Horse Welfare said that the results of the Great British Horse Survey 2010 revealed that unregulated sports are of concern to the equestrian community.

April 08th 2011

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