'Dalmatian' horse spotted in Devon

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'Dalmatian' horse spotted in Devon

Ramblers have spotted a young foal which looks like a large Dalmatian.

ThisisPlymouth.co.uk told equine insurance policyholders that the animal has been seen at Wembury Point, Devon.

It has pristine white fur and black dots and has been described as a "rare" occurrence, given that its mother is all brown.

Lorna Sherriff, a ranger for the National Trust, said that the same thing happened last year, adding that there must be some connection between Wembury and spotted horses.

"There are four foals now at Wembury point but he certainly stands out from all the rest. He is a truly beautiful foal who posed perfectly for the photos before going for a five minute mad charge around the meadow," she added.

While the foal has yet to be officially named, the Daily Mail said that walkers have dubbed it Spotty because of its appearance.

Other varieties of spotted horse exist, including ones with white spots on a dark background.

May 31st 2011

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