Equine insurance: First mobile ultrasound for horses created

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Equine insurance: First mobile ultrasound for horses created

Equine insurance customers have been told that a Cornell medical researcher has developed the first wearable ultrasound device for the horse market.

The latest product can be worn by the animals and allows them to exercise in pastures while receiving their ultrasonic therapy.

George Lewis, researcher at Cornell, created the UltrOZ product which it claims will help control and reduce pain when horses sustain an injury.

Furthermore, vets tested the device at the Rood & Riddle and Hagyard equine hospitals where they reported that there was increased bone healing, faster recovery times and the ability to reduce inflammation quickly.

Recently, Ian Wright from the Newmarket Equine Hospital, noted that the institution regularly performs over half a dozen operations on horses a day.

Mr Wright told Telegraph.co.uk: "Speed is important. The horse spends less time under anaesthetic and suffers less trauma."

He added that the quicker an animal is out of surgery the greater chance it will make a more stable recovery.

June 08th 2011

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