Equine insurance: Horse escapes on to M25 following crash

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Equine insurance: Horse escapes on to M25 following crash

A horse escaped on to the carriageway of the M25 this weekend following a crash, highlighting the need for equine insurance.

The animal was being transported in a horse box towed by a Kia car, before a collision between two other drivers caused the horse insurance policyholder to swerve and hit the central reservation.

Following the impact, the injured horse escaped from the badly damaged trailer and was loose on the road for around 30 minutes during heavy traffic at around 5.30pm on Saturday 2nd October.

The stretch of road between junctions 27 and 28 was closed after the incident, while the horse was captured and sent to a veterinary centre for treatment.

Last month, the Northern Echo reported that a driver in Bishop Auckland was charged for removal of a horse when his car collided with and killed the runaway animal.

October 04th 2010

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