Equine insurance: Horse show competitor convicted of cruelty

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Equine insurance: Horse show competitor convicted of cruelty

A horse show competitor has been convicted of animal cruelty, equine insurance policyholders have been told.

The East Riding Mail reported that Joanne Bristow has subsequently been banned from keeping horses for 15 years.

Nine emaciated animals were seized from Ms Bristow's care, with one stallion so underweight that it could not stand up on its own.

In addition, none of the mounts had access to shelter or clean water.

Ms Bristow, of Poplar Farm, Ferry Lane, Thearne, near Beverley, pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering and one count of failing to provide a suitable environment.

Philip Brown, prosecuting, told Beverley Magistrates: "Dancer was shockingly underweight in the inspector's words, with overgrown hooves and his ribs, spine and hips were easily protruding. He had severe muscle wastage and was dull and lethargic."

The number of mounts being abandoned has risen, according to horse charities, as owners struggle to meet rising care costs.

February 02nd 2011

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