Equine insurance: Police appeal after woman thrown from her horse

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Equine insurance: Police appeal after woman thrown from her horse

Police in Exeter have appealed for any witnesses to come forward after a woman was thrown off her horse in Woodbury.

Equine insurance owners were told that officers believe her animal was startled when either a motorcycle or car passed them on Parsonage Lane on Sunday June 5th.

Police added that the 49-year-old rider suffered a back injury and bruising when she was thrown from the spooked horse.

PC John Larcombe-Ford, from Devon & Cornwall Police, said: "I have dealt with two similar incidents and it is very fortunate in this case that both the horse and rider will be okay.

"The Highway Code advises motorists to give horses at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car," he added.

Recently, a grandmother was thrown from her horse in the Somerset area after her animal was startled.

Josephine Davies, 48, fell from her saddle and onto a fence and later died from her injuries.

June 14th 2011

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