Equine insurance: Targeted treatment best to address worms

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Equine insurance: Targeted treatment best to address worms

Equine insurance policyholders who are struggling to deal with worms in their horses have been told that targeted treatment is the most effective way to deal with parasites.

Emma Pearson and Karmen Watson from Robson and Prescott Vets told readers of The Journal that there are a variety of types of worms, or endoparasites as they are also known.

The experts said that identifying which type of worm is affecting the animal is an important part of treatment, as each species has a different lifecycle and therefore requires different action to be taken.

"Most owners find it easier to use a broad-spectrum wormer with several chemicals. Unfortunately, this untargeted approach has meant that there are now a significant proportion of worms out there that are resistant to certain wormers," they explained.

To avoid resistance issues, they advised: "Use an effective wormer with no resistance and always dose to the animal's bodyweight."

Last month, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced it is reviewing disease outbreak guidelines, in order to help equine insurance policyholders to address illness effectively.

May 04th 2011

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