Equine insurance need highlighted by fatal crash

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Equine insurance need highlighted by fatal crash

The importance of equine insurance has been highlighted by the death of a horse in a vehicle collision this afternoon (June 2nd).

ThisIsTheWestCountry.co.uk reported that the incident occurred at around 11:40 BST in Dunwear Lane, Bridgwater.

A Citroen Van collided with a five-year-old animal and its rider Barry Francis, causing fatal damage to the Arab cross cob.

Mr Francis commented: "The car drove into the back of her and we were flung into the air - she came down on top of me. I am very lucky. If she had landed on my head, it would have been a different story."

He added that it would be "a long time" before he is able to climb back onto a horse, despite being a rider with 43 years experience.

The cob, whose name was Cindy, was owned by Christina Barnett, who expressed anger at her death, which she said caused the animal "agony".

Last month, an animal was killed in a collision on the Isle of Wight.

June 02nd 2011

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