Girl injured in fall after animal startled by bikers

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Girl injured in fall after animal startled by bikers

Bikers in the Hodgemoor Woods area of Buckinghamshire have been criticised by a riding school manager, after a young girl was injured when her mount was startled, horse insurance policyholders have been told.

The Buckingham Advertiser reported that seven-year-old Ellie Rutter was on an outing with Aescwood Farm Children's Riding School, based in Seer Green, when the incident occurred.

Audrey Holbrook, riding school manager, explained that three motorbikes had passed Ms Rutter and her animal at high speed.

As a result, the mount panicked and threw the girl, who required x-rays at Wrexham Hospital.

Susie Bicknell, head of Hodgemoor Riding Association, said: "We appreciate that motorcyclists need to have somewhere to go, but horses and motorbikes just don't go together, and motorbikes are not allowed in Hodgemoor. One day there will be a very serious accident."

Both Ms Bicknell and Ms Holbrook urged anyone who witnesses motorbikes in the area to contact local police.

Last week, it was reported that Simon Parker, a 37-year-old motorcyclist, had died after a collision with a horse trailer in Yorkshire.

March 22nd 2011

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