Group expresses fears over horse insurance customers' costs

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Group expresses fears over horse insurance customers' costs

The rising costs faced by horse insurance policyholders could result in animals being neglected, a group has warned.

Forest Verderers told the Salisbury Journal that, as prices climb, more owners may look to cut costs by either not caring for their mounts as they should or abandoning them.

The comments come after a dead pony was found dumped in New Forest, after the people responsible for it apparently did not pay for it to be properly disposed of.

A spokesman for the group said: "Some people are allowing their animals to get into a poor state and then are not ringing the vet or authorities because they fear being prosecuted on welfare grounds and so are dumping them on the Forest."

He went on to say that it is "illegal and unacceptable" practice to abandon an animal, adding that although the group is sympathetic to the challenges faced by horse insurance policyholders and other owners, it would push for the prosecution of people attempting to avoid costs in this manner.

In Wales, as many as 170 animals are reported to be running wild in Bridgend, with some appearing malnourished.

March 04th 2011

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