Horse found wandering in beauty salon

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Horse found wandering in beauty salon

Horse insurance policyholders have heard of an incident in which an unsuspecting beauty salon owner found a stray animal on her premises.

The Lakeland Visitor reported that Wanda Hesketh had found the animal roaming the streets of the town, near to her Koo Hair & Beauty store.

Not wanting the animal to come to any harm, Ms Hesketh secured the mount in the backyard of the premises last Wednesday (April 6th).

However, after leaving to visit a home nearby, Ms Hesketh was shocked to find that the inquisitive horse had shaken free of its tether and was perusing the services available in the salon.

Ms Hesketh explained: "I was going down Knowlys Road because I have a friend who lives there and I thought what on earth?"

While the salon owner was able to remove the curious animal, residents of an estate in Tipton have reported being "trapped" in their homes by stray animal.

The Express and Star revealed last month that John F Kennedy Walk has been taken over by loose horses in recent weeks.

April 14th 2011

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