Horse insurance customers given advice on selecting mounts

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Horse insurance customers given advice on selecting mounts

Horse insurance customers must think about a range of factors when selecting the mount which meets their needs, experts have said.

A feature in Horse and Country explained that you must reflect on why it is you've chosen to purchase an animal, before thinking about what breed and age of mount is best.

It explained: "The majority of people wanting to purchase a horse to compete, or for a specific discipline, will be looking for an animal with good foundations in its training and a proven track record in the chosen sport."

However, it is not always practical (or affordable) to find an animal which fits this description, the writer said, so buying a younger horse, such as "a three or four year old that has just been backed", could be an alternative.

Whatever animal equine insurance policyholders opt for, they must be aware of how best to meet its care needs prior to purchase, according to Roly Owers from World Horse Welfare.

May 24th 2011

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