Spooked horses send hearse into parked cars

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Spooked horses send hearse into parked cars

Two horses carrying a hearse in Liverpool were spooked yesterday, causing the hearse they were carrying to crash into parked cars.

The BBC told horse insurance policyholders that the animals were stationed outside St Oswald's Church, Old Swan, while the funeral was proceeding inside.

However, they soon bolted and set off down the street, causing the hearse to crash into the vehicles at the side of the road, damaging two in the process.

A handler managed to bring the animals under control down Derby Lane, and he suffered minor injuries in the process.

The source added that while the funeral was disrupted, a motorised hearse was soon on the scene and was able to carry the coffin on its final journey.

Horses can be spooked through hearing loud noises and is a natural occurrence in the wild as this behaviour alerts the rest of the herd when danger is present.

May 26th 2011

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