Welsh pony owner vows to continue to take animal in public

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Welsh pony owner vows to continue to take animal in public

Pony insurance policyholders have heard that authorities have traced a man seen taking his white animal to Wrexham train station in an attempt to board a train.

Last week, CCTV images were released of a man and the mount at the city's travel station, which were later followed up with pictures of the same person taking the mount to a pub and a hospital accident and emergency department.

While the RSPCA said that they would investigate the man for suspected cruelty to the animal, 68-year-old Joe Purcell denied that it was harmful for the pony to accompany him around town.

"I'll do it till I die," he explained. "I love the horse ... People have guide dogs - why can't they have guide ponies?"

Mr Purcell said that he has taken mounts on trains before and was surprised when he was stopped at Wrexham, saying that five-year-old pony Ruby would have been "good as gold" if she'd gotten on board.

May 23rd 2011

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