Horse teeth care

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Horse teeth care

Horse’s teeth are adapted to grazing. They have 12 incisors, 6 upper and 6 lower, that are used for biting grass and other vegetables at the front of the mouth, they also have 24 adapted teeth, known as premolars and molars, which are used for chewing at the back of the mouth. Stallions and Geldings have four additional teeth that are behind the incisors, which are like canine teeth, known as ‘Gushes’.

Some horses may develop one or four very small teeth, known as wolf teeth, which are generally taken out as they interfere with the bit as this is where is should be placed, between the incisors and molars. Throughout the life of the horse the teeth will continue to erupt as they are worn down through grazing. It is also advisable to have the teeth checked once a year by a vet or 6 monthly for horses over 12 years of age to check for uneven wear or rough areas that can cause problems while feeding or riding.

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